Liberian (African) Arts and Culture -Africa Unit

Grade K African Unit, Lakeridge School, Mercer Island, WA

Won-Ldy Paye brings Liberian culture and art in their most authentic and traditional forms to student. As a multimedia artist, Won-Ldy can craft a residency program to meet the needs of your school and curriculum. Students will not only learn these engaging skills, but also learn how these art forms are an integral part of African Life and Culture. This process enables students to make connections between African cultures and their own lives. Some of the possible activities include:

Grade 3, African Unit, Clover Street School, Winsor, CT


  • The Art of Mask and Masquerade in Liberia and other West African Countries. The esthetics, patronage and exhibition of  mask and masquerade in tribal and modern West African societies. We explore people, animal and grotesque masks to understand how the function in village and museum settings.
  • Liberian Doll Making: the creation of toys and games out of things in ones own environment or other recycled materials.
  • Music (Ensemble Drumming): Group Participation, a method of playing percussive instruments by listening and counting.
  • Dance: dances created through Movements imitating daily life people and animals.
  • Figure and Landscape Drawings: exploration of traditional styles of stick figures and landscape drawings how these are used to communicate and keep records.
  • Story Writing and Story Telling: personal narrative and memoir writings to bringing ideas to life, and developing a personal style.


Storytelling and Storyteller

 “Won-Ldy, thank you for the wonderful residency. The teachers continued to work with the ideas and activities you presented through the next several months! I will be in touch with you shortly to schedule another residency for the next school year!”
-Amy H. Lynn PTA Bear Path Elementary, Hamden, CT


Liberian African Dance with Live Drumming:
Beginning and advance intensive Workshops; Learn to use your body with flair, grace, and control set to live drums. Won-Ldy has been teaching this popular Liberian dance style for over fifteen years.
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Mask making-African Unit  Liberian Dolls, Sculpture, Pomfret School, CT